Hi Jennifer,

I’d like to add my heartfelt thank-you to you, Dr. Ferri and Nathan for showing us such a good time during the Introduction to Wilderness Survival programme. You three made the course very enjoyable, educational and definitely left us with a yearning for more. We very much enjoyed not only the course material but also the extra effort everyone made to share their experiences, just to talk and the manner of delivery.

I’ve mentioned this course to some of my friends at work who rather enjoy the outdoors and they have expressed a keen interest in checking out the offerings for themselves.

I look forward to our next outing. In the meantime, I just need to survive the next week and thereafter. Perhaps I should have asked for instruction on how to escape into the Nevada desert, survive and make it back to Canada solo.

Please extend my thanks to Nathan for me.

Regards and warm wishes.

I want to thank you firstly for your patience and the knowledge you shared with me. I feel very blessed to have had a female leader to guide me, in all sorts of directions (!) during this course. THE thing that I learned this weekend (of course, after the survival skills) is that it’s so important to share thoughts and to share stories with other individuals.

The Introduction to Tracking Course was, a very professionally laid out program, Dr. Ferri was very passionate and knowledgeable instructor. The course was very detailed and you had to pay close attention to every detail, but this task was not a challenge, as Dr. Ferri constantly made the entire course very entertaining. Interest was never lost, there was always something new to learn, every moment of the course…

I’ve spent many years traveling throughout Algonquin Park and the surrounding highlands, and as I’ve grown older, the more time I find myself enjoying more winter experiences in the bush. This is why I chose to take part in the Winter Survival Course through Survival In The Bush Inc. With this course I have gained skills that will not only make my wilderness experiences more enjoyable, but could potentially save my life…

This past week has been the most revealing, revolutionary week of my life. My perceptions of the wilderness, my classmates and myself have changed significantly. I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Jennifer Khan for her perception and insight, and I marvel at her ability to look past the facades we create for ourselves, deep into the core of who we are. This is a leadership skill I will work to refine….

Dear Dr. Ferri, I have thought of writing you for some time but the couple of recent articles in The Sun Times by Paulette P. got me to sit down and do it! About five year ago I took one of my kids to a school event at the ChiCheMaun and picked up a pamphlet for your Wilderness Survival Training courses. My husband has taken our three sons canoeing each summer starting each one when they turned eight and I thought our oldest might be interested in your course. That fall, our son Skyler….

I was a part of the Seneca aviation class that just completed the Winter Survival Couse, and I just wanted to say thank you again to you and Lindsay, Alex and Kevin for an absolutely awesome weekend….

Dr. Ferri, I hope your week is going well. I wanted to pass on a quick note to you directly to thank you and your company for an extremely valuable learning experience and in particular absolutely underscore how much of an amazing teacher and person Jennifer really is. I was sincerely impressed by her knowledge and ability to communicate the material…

We want to thank you again for a wonderful and educational weekend. We look forward to getting out to make use of the knowledge that we gained.