Wilderness Experience Certificate Program


Survival in the Bush, Inc. offers the adult learner a series of dynamic outdoor-oriented courses. The Wilderness Experience Certificate Program has been specifically tailored to provide students with many unique, exciting, and tactile learning experiences.  As an example, our Wilderness Survival Courses, taught mostly in the out-of-doors, immerse the active learner in many realistic and challenging situations; as well, students will gain an insight into the psychological makeup of the survivor by analysing statistical data and discussing interview transcripts with lost victims; Moccasin Workshops teach participants the art of making these versatile, durable and beautiful samples of footwear; and our Intro. to Edible Plants course enables you to locate and identify native and introduced flora.

All students are encouraged to learn, develop, and progress at their own pace. In our classes, experienced and novices alike will benefit from the challenging, hands-on teaching approach. Due to the low instructor-client ratio, participants can expect, and receive, individualized attention.
Courses are held in south-central and the Bruce Peninsula regions of Ontario, Canada.
Who will benefit from The Wilderness Experience Certificate Program? Educators, naturalists, anglers, hunters, canoeists, outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, guide leaders, personnel from camps, or anyone whose job skills will be enhanced by special knowledge of the outdoors.

WEC program – Survival in the Bush, Inc. offers the adult learner….

  • Courses are held in South-central Ontario and the Bruce Peninsula…
  • WEC is available on a part-time calendar schedule
  • Clients must complete all required courses within 12 months of the January start date
  • There is a maximum of 8 participants per year
  • Registration cutoff is December 15; Courses commence mid-January; Register early to avoid disappointment
  • WEC tuition is $8,500.00, plus taxes
  • A mandatory meeting is required with Dr. Ferri for all participants who are interested in registering for WEC. Meetings are scheduled 3 months prior to January start date. Log books must be presented at this time
  • Clients are responsible for all gear, transportation, meals, park fees, & personal incidentals

In order to fulfill the certificate requirements, students must complete six core courses and two elective courses. Enrichment courses allow students to build upon the skills developed through the WECP requirements.
The Wilderness Experience Certificate Program is a venue for professional upgrading. This certificate is comprised of six core courses and two electives. These include:

Core Courses Winter Spring Summer Fall
Introduction to Wilderness Survival  
Standard Wilderness Survival Skills  
Wilderness First Aid
Canoe Camping
Edible Plants
Electives  Select 2 Winter Spring Summer Fall
Winter Camping
Introduction to Bushcraft
Search and Rescue

One Wilderness Survival Skills course is credited towards the WECP. Clients are welcome to register in multiple survival courses to master the best theoretical and practical bush skills they require. For further information on this programme, please contact Dr.Gino Ferri.

Dr. Gerardo (Gino) F.  Ferri, Director, OCT, Diploma in Theology, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., PhD


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