Intensive training presented in immersive, real world scenarios.


Join us for a wide variety of courses at outdoor locations across Southern Ontario


Visit our 17th century courier de bois encampment at a number of local festivals throughout the year.


Master the skills necessary to stay alive in emergency situations.


Learn techniques to minimize your impact on the environment while enjoying outdoor pursuits.

Survival in the Bush, Inc.

Providing clients with the best survival training anywhere!

Survival in the Bush incorporated is mainly about one thing: “Providing clients with the best survival training available!” Our wilderness survival courses are designed to prepare the participant both physically and mentally. You’ll be better equipped to cope with unexpected, unplanned, and stressful emergencies such as the loss of camping gear. You will learn not to fight nature, but cooperate with her, since she is an impartial although unforgiving partner. These programs are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our hands on, realistic courses range from introductory weekend outings to two weeks simulations. All survival courses are practiced in a wilderness setting.

Our instructors are well qualified and knowledgeable individuals. They have experience teaching wilderness survival skills in various realistic, outdoor environments, usually under stringent conditions. Each instructor has completed many courses as a student, and later as the fields assistant. All followed an intensive program involving skills development, group dynamics, safety considerations and leadership training.
In these courses you will learn:
  • The psychology of wilderness survival
  • Stress management techniques
  • How to skin and prepare wild game for food
  • How to make tools and survival gear
  • Fire building, including the use of flint and steel, the firebow, and batteries
  • How to identify poisonous plants and to recognize and consume edible ones
  • Basic search and rescue techniques
  • How to utilize a car in emergency situations
  • How to enhance your personal skills through group dynamics
  • How to build and use distress signals
  • To utilize a number of wilderness emergency first aid techniques