Sarah Klages



Sarah Klages grew up on a farm in the Bruce Peninsula region, and is currently living in the Kawartha Lakes region. While attending Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Sarah was a member of the Canadian Naval Reserves, which took her from Victoria, BC to Halifax, NS, where she trained in seamanship, naval communications and developed important leadership skills. Sarah still continues to be an active member of the CF through her work with the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets. Sarah is an elementary school teacher in the Durham District School Board. She has a passion for the outdoors, and in particular, Outdoor Education. Sarah takes great pride in her teaching, and ensures that every experience is a learning one. Some of Sarah’s interests includes, canoeing, hiking, camping, fire starting, leather work, fishing, and music.

February 3, 2015: Sarah Klages, one of our steadfast and environmentally conscious Instructors, lost her battle with cancer.

Sarah passed away peacefully on Monday February 2, 2015.

Our Survival in the Bush, Inc., family mourns the loss of beloved Sarah.
She will always be appreciated for her beautiful presence, generous nature, and infinite compassion.

Sarah is survived by her loving husband Joe; her newborn baby Thomas; her hardworking and devoted parents, Mike and Wendy Reid; and her altruistic and gentle sister, Dr. Heather Reid.

Sarah and her Dad, Mike, gave to us a special poem that will be forever cherished:

    Jenn & Gino

To truly find your soul you need to go to the forest and let nature show you the path
You need to use the wisdom of the woods to really learn to live, love and laugh
You need to sit in a meadow and listen to the whispering aspen in the evening breeze
You need to witness the magic flight of a Goshawk, hurtling through the trees
The silence of a snowfall, the absolute pristine white,
The smallness of your psyche in the darkness of the night
The babbling brook that chats of eons, now gone past,
The beauty of a sunrise, a flower, a moment so fleeting so fast
The curiosity of the forest creatures that both prey and are preyed upon,
How dark and fiercely cold the night becomes just before the dawn
Discovering the intricacies of a spider web, the tiny size of a humming birds nest
That natures not really friend nor foe, but keeps you at your best
When you become at peace with the forest, you will become secure within yourself
And realize friendship love and trust are the riches that bring you wealth
And when you’re discovering your soul in the forest, when you’re viewing your path in life
You might find you’ve discovered your soul mates path in the forest
And that trail leads, to husband and wife.

Sarah Klages and Mike Reid, May 2014