Jennifer Ferri

Events Co-ordinator


Jennifer Ferri is an accomplished practitioner of the outdoor arts and has extensive camping experience in the Bancroft, Haliburton, Algonquin Park, Killarney, Northern Ontario, Saugeen Valley, Bruce Peninsula, Sudbury, Espanola, and Parry Sound areas in ON, Canada.

Jennifer’s backpacking and hiking excursions have taken her to French Polynesia, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, Europe, Norway, North West Territories, South East Asia, Japan, Western and Eastern Canada, South America, Central USA, the West Indies, and the Hawaiian Islands. Her outdoor education credits include several advanced survival, first aid, edible/medicinal/useful plants, and water safety courses. She is an accomplished outdoor cook and teaches a course on the subject. Jennifer enjoys periodically writing for outdoor magazines and scripting realistic survival television shows for SITB.

As an instructor for Survival in the Bush, Inc., Jennifer teaches several Wilderness Experience Certificate Programme courses at Loyalist College, Bancroft, ON. These include First Aid, Canoe Camping, Crisis Management, Edible Plants, Moccasin Workshop, Buckskin Coat Making, Backpacking, Winter Camping, Bushwhacking, Orienteering, Hike Leader Certification, and Wilderness Survival courses.

Jennifer also teaches Traditional Winter Camping for Conservation Nature Tours; and is a professor teaching Wilderness Survival at Laurentian University, Seneca Aviation, and the University of Waterloo.

She has instructed many programmes for youth within First Nation communities including: Christian Island Reserve, Chippewas of Georgian Island, Cape Croker Indian Reserve, and Rama Reserve, ON, Canada.

Assistant to her husband, Dr. Gino Ferri, Jennifer was instrumental in developing and constructing an authentic Wigwam Village for Chippewas of Georgina Island, ON, Canada, on the Nanabush and Sweetgrass Trail Project during the summer of 2003.

Subsequently, they also developed and constructed a fully equipped, historically accurate, functional Wigwam Village for the 400th Samuel de Champlain Celebrations in Penetanguishene, ON, Canada, during the summer of 2015.

Jennifer, Dr. Ferri and the staff from Survival in the Bush, Inc. were honoured to receive a 15 minute discussion during the September, 2012 Royal Visit by Prince Edward, his wife Sophie Rhys-Jones, and Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor, the Honourable David Onley and his wife. Jennifer and Dr. Ferri welcomed and provided historical interpretations of their Coureur de Bois encampment, and gifted copies of Dr. Ferri’s book, THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WILDERNESS SURVIVAL placed in beautiful handcrafted leather satchels.